Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exclusive glow in the dark paint on canvas

What is glow in the dark?
In simple words,when we apply this paint on surfaces and let the light shines on it for a while, and then we put the items in the dark, the light emits brightly from the surfaces.
This is also called photoluminescence in the dark.
The paint I used to create this painting is capable to produce long after-glow effect.. The materials emit harmless light radiation that is soothing for human eye
Why did I choose glow in the dark paint?
This is because people usually kids are afraid of the dark, and of course some of us usually let the lights on when we sleep. Unfortunately, this situation is really bad for health, because it will increase the chance to get cancer. Just google this, and then you will find out why it is prohibited to switch on the light when we sleep.
That is why glow in the dark painting can help to shine your darkness and help to reduce the risk. 
I really love this painting because I feel so relax looking at it in the dark, feel that something accompany you while you sleep.
There are other colours available for paint..white, red, turquoise, green
but yes, they are quite expensive.
So, for readers out there, if you have your own design and need someone to produce glow in the dark painting for your beloved home, just email

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